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Proud Parent
Feb 10, 2007
this is off subject but I thought it would be fun!!

what are your kids going to be for halloween?
my girls are going to be Laura and Carrie Ingalls!!
Feb 26, 2007
8 year old dd a devil

11 yr old dd a witch, same thing for 5 years now.

15 yer old ds an anime character, don't know the name but he is from a nintendo ds game that plays 80's music.

I have to say I do not love halloween, who thought turning a perfectly decent pagan festival into a candy fest was a good idea. My dentist hubby cringes when he sees the crap that they recieve!!!:D
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
This is my 8 year old second year level 4 daughter:) Her gymnastics club had a team Halloween party last weekend.



Feb 26, 2007

My 8 year old with her game face on! You can also see the start of my favourite comp hair, "the diamonds" as my girls call it.
Feb 26, 2007
Cute girls.

Mine crashed in bed at 8pm, including the 11 year old. 15 year old son is at party with friends. I have eaten enough of those cute little chocolate bars to keep me awake for a week and in the gym for another month!!!:D

All fun!

Roll on xmas, we of course have thanksgiving in October up in the Great White North.


Coach/Proud Parent
May 14, 2007
Our gym's lock-in is the highlight of the year for a lot of our gymnasts. On a nearby Saturday we meet around 3pm at the gym. We all go together to a corn maze/pumpkin patch...cider, donuts, feeding the animals...each gymnast getting to pick out out a small pumpkin.

Back to the gym after for pizzas & pumpkin decorating (markers). The kids then parade around the floor in their costumes...a little 'competition' (where all get a prize).

After dark we split into two groups; the younger ones to a less scary haunted train ride, the older ones to a haunted woods.

We all get back to the gym after an hour or so, where we have a DJ set up on the floor. Lights out, disco lights on...and the kids go crazy dancing around for a couple hours. "Lights out" at midnight, but of course most of them are up & about until the wee hours.

We usually have 6-10 parents stay over too - as much fun for us as the kids I bet. Other than carpooling & keeping everyone safe and out of trouble, we end up staying up most of the night playing cards, etc.

A great time for everyone
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