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Hi like 2 weeks ago I hurt my hand. I hurt it on beam. And right after it happend I told my coach. The day it happend it was really swollen. But the next couple of days I went on vacation and just iced it alot. Then the next week I was back I tried to do backhandsprings on beam and it started hurting again and got swollen AGAIN!! So I had just been taking it easy all last week and went to the doctor becus my coaches told me to see one. The doctor said it wasn't broken but to still get it x-rayed. So I did and they said NOTHING was wrong!!!!! Can you believe that. All they said was the bone is probly just bruised so you'll just have to work through the pain. They said I could start tumbling again and of course I was SO exited about that. So I try doing a backhandspring on low beam cus I wanted to just take it easy the first time I try to do it again, and My hand killed me SO bad!! Then it started getting swollen AGAIN!!!!! So I told my coach and all I could do is dance and backtucks!! And after a week and a half of dance I AM TIRED OF IT!! Well I want to know what I should do and what could be wrong with my hand. My coaches don't think the bone is bruised and neither do I. Help Please!!

Btw sorry it is so long. I thought you might as well hear the whole story!! lol :)


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Feb 19, 2007
I would suggest requesting an MRI... sometimes they can pick up things that an x-ray can't! It definitely sounds like there's something more going on there! Good luck!!


definitly back to the doctors and more tests an MRI wouldn't hurt. I'm surprised your parents have let it go this long without doing anything more? Are you letting them know what is going on too?
Jul 1, 2009
Second Opinion

I'm so sorry to hear that you got hurt and haven't healed!
You need to let your doctor know you are still hurt, ask for more testing like an MRI and for a referral to a specialist some one who deals with hand injury.
Also my best medical advice is to always get a second opinion! (It's a right that insurance companies must let you have.)Which means go to a different doctor for the same problem. Tell the doctor everything, even bring the Xrays you had taken. The second doctor may be able to help you better than the first.
Don't wait another minute! I agree with Cher you need to talk to your family about getting more medical care for your hand. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Until recently, I would not have thought that your problem sounded like a bruised bone. A few months ago, I started having knee trouble. At first it would come and go, then it finally made walking very difficult and sometimes impossible. Any time that I did any jumping or dancing or even bumped it, it would swell. I went to the doc and had the X-rays and MRI taken. All it was was a bruised bone. It was a pretty major bruise, covering a good portion of that knee, but that was all that it was. It took about 4 months to heal. Now it's just a memory, but I remember it being very painful at the time. I thought for sure that I had a fracture or something like that! If I were you, I would go back to the doc or go get a second opinion, but just know that sometimes a bruised bone does feel like something much more major!


I fractured my wrist on beam doing back handsprings two years ago. I remember it hurting pretty bad when I did the BHS and I had tears in my eyes but nothing terrible. I sucked it up and didn't tell anyone figuring I just bruised it. After weeks of pain, I went to the doctor and he did an Xray and found nothing. Then in an MRI he found multiple small fractures so get an MRI. What is the pain like? Does moving your hand or fingers hurt or just pressure on your hand?


it just hurts to put pressure on it. and sometimes when im just moving it around alot. thnx for helping!! :)
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