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May 14, 2009
Hi, I am new to the group. My daughter just moved to L5. Last week she started to have pain on the top of her hand, but had full movement of her hand and wrist with no pain, unless you pushed on it or she tried to hang from the bar. It swelled the next day, so she had x-rays done, which did not show any fractures. She rested it for a week, and the swelling went down, but the pain is still there with pressure. Her physical therapist suspects a stress fracture. Is anyone else familiar with this type of hand injury?
Not too familiar with an injury where your dd has one. If she still has pain after rest, then she needs to go back to the doc. Stress fractures don't show well on x-ray, but will show on an MRI. Treatment for a stress fracture is rest and some immobilization. Best to get her looked at again, so you can get proper treatment.
Hope all goes well!
Thanks, there seems to be very little information on the internet about stress fractures of the hand. But I guess we'll find out--she sees ped ortho this afternoon. She was just getting back into full practice after a sprained ankle 6 weeks ago, and spent alot of time on bars during the ankle recovery since it was all she could really do.
Well, we didn't get a definite answer. They seem to think that it is a bone contusion (bruised bone), but could also be stress fracture or a ligament sprain between the knuckles. No more tests were run since the treatment would be the same for all three--rest for another week and then gradually ease back into things. The bone should heal in about 3 weeks, and its already been 10 days. Luckily her season is over and she won't feel bad about taking the extra time to let it heal. Also, we've learned to be careful of overuse injuries when she's restricted to doing only certain appartus or skills. We were so careful with her ankle that we didn't realize all the extra conditioning and bar work was causing another injury!
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