WAG Hand stand bridge kick over

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Jan 27, 2013
When my daughter is doing this skill in her L4 floor routine as she comes down from the handstand in to her bridge her legs come apart. Is this a flexibility issue or just a bad habbit? She can do the kick over but I suspect she may be loosing points in her routine (her backhandsprings have split legs too). Any input would be appreciated!
Yep, just more practice, I notice most first year level 4 s do that, by the end of the season, or second year, it is usually fixed.
My DD struggled w/ that early on too...her body seemed to naturally just want to do the legs apart thing in any bridge/bhs/arched back type of motion..

It took lots of practice and coaches correcting her, but she finally fixed it...think the key for her was focusing on keeping her knees together as opposed to her feet.

Correcting things like this are what differentiates the "bhs of a gymnast" from just a regular bhs...your DD's coaches will be able to fix it :).
The legs are allowed to be apart in the bridge with no deduction. The compulsory text reads: ""Place the feet flat on the floor shoulder-width apart OR closer to complete a Handstand to Bridge.""
Thanks for the feedback! We were watching the video of her floor routine and trying to determine where the deductions came from
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