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Starting Monday and continuing on through the week at my school we are having a HANDBALL TOURNAMENT! Since handball is fun and we wanted to kick it oldschool some kids at my school decided to put on a handball tournament for us High schoolers! It is so much fun! we played a gnarly game today in p.e. (the actual tournament is during lunch) it is so awesome!

Post on this if you love handball and love to play all those old school elementary school games!
Sep 9, 2007
Personally I hate handball but I love playing games like I did when I was little and I have a funny story about that...

There was about twenty of us in our school dinner hall after our Spanish exam and we ended up playing "Heads Down, Thumbs Up" (which fully rocks btw) and we were all getting a bit hypered up and excited.... at which point the head teacher walks in with all the new first years parents. The looks were phenomenal, it was like "THIS is the senior school!?" before hurriedly going the other way. Hee hee!

Back in the day huh?


its basically a game that involves throwing a ball against a wall, if you touch the ball and miss it, then you have to run to the wall before someone else grabs it and throws it against the wall


Oh! I love that game! except at my school we call it Wall Ball.
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