Handstand Drop to Bridge - L4 Floor Routine Question

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Aug 27, 2009
I have girls that can do this skill with perfectly straight legs, but when their feet touch the ground they "bounce" a little. I'm wondering how that "bounce" would be deducted? Would it be better to have them drop to a bent leg bridge with no bounce?

Of course, I have already focused on holding the handstand, and keeping the shoulders over the hands in the bridge :)

Thanks in advance!
The bounce is usually caused by the gymnast dropping a bit too fast - at least from my experience.
Have the gymnasts practice lowering slower and slower, make it a competition! Also have them lower onto a raised surface at first such as panel mats folded, then unfold them one at a time until they start to bounce. have them stick at that height until the bounce is gone, then unfold another layer.
If they only bounce on the floor, then I guess it is just practice practice practice!
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Just so you know its actually not a deduction for them to land with bent legs as long as their feet are together. It is generally easier for them to land with bent legs and to kick over if their legs are bent. If someone tries to tell you otherwise just get out your text. We had a clarification come out last year about this.
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