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Jul 19, 2019

adult gymnast here. Most of my gymnastics skill are at a very basic level, but since I practice handbalancing on its own my handstands are relatively advanced (can hold for 60s on floor or parallettes, can straddle press and inconsistently pike press). I would like to approach handstand on rings.

First question: how do I go about training it? So far the advice I've got is to set up the rings very low with a mat in front, kick up to a handstand letting the legs rest on straps. From there get some decent time with legs on straps from outside, then inside then starting to remove legs and balancing. Anything to add?

Second question: is there any special conditioning I should do? I know rings are unforgiving and after a few holds with arms locked and legs wrapped, 15s max, I could feel my forearm sore in a way different from floor/parallettes floor hs work. I keep hearing that rings tax the brachialis a lot. I am not particularly strong: about 10 pull-ups, a couple of muscle-ups, 10 dips (more on p-bars, haven't tried on rings in a while, but probably much less if I go low).

Third question: this is far away in the future, but how do you actually get into a handstand on rings? From the code of points I get the pressing progression: bent arms bent body, straddle/pike press (would be nice to get to this one), planche press (not happening). How about swinging, what would be the easiest one to learn? In general how would you approach/develop these skills?

Thanks a lot!