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Nov 11, 2011
My DD came home from practice with a lot of little red spots (petechaie). Theywere doing conditioning and did 3 min hand stands. Against the wall. I am thinking this is normal from the handstand. Has anyone else exp this or should I put a call into the dr). Btw she is acting very normal.

If I do a lot of handstands at practice I get this too - it looks like a rash, but it's just from all the blood rushing to my head and then staying near the skin for a while. She should be fine, but if it starts to bother her or doesn't go away in a couple days you might want to call a dr. just to be sure.
perfectly normal.:) and it's spelled petechIAE.

Seems extreme to me to be doing handstands long enough to burst blood vessels and cause petechiae though? It may be normal to get them if you're upside down that long, but is it normal to be doing conditioning like that?

I suppose maybe one off- but if my child was regularly coming home with such a rash I'd be questioning the conditioning methods.
Thanks....its what i suspected,but wanted to see if it was fairly common. As far as extreme conditioning, I don't think this is the case. They did a bridge contest and a 3 min handstand against the wall. I think she just may be prone to this sort of thing. Thanks for the input.
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