Handstand Straddle Down ~ Beam

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Sep 22, 2007
Wisconsin, US
I have a handstand straddle down in my beam routine and I'm having problems...

I fall off around 75% of the time and is costing me in meets.

I cartwheel into it, and I think that's the main problem since I can't cartwheel into handstand hold very well anymore like I used to. When I just simply kick up to handstand (no cartwheel) and straddle down on floor it's more controlled and I land it more often. I was wondering if there are any other variations into it. So far, I'm trying to handstand-pirouette into it. And I seem to to do the handstand-pirouette hold fine so far when I tried it on a straight line on floor.

Any ideas or tips? Thanks.

(oh and sorry for the longness xD)
DO you have to do it?? I mean I'm not aware of any handstand straddle down in compulsories meaning you have to be an optional... so would it be a problem just to take it out??

if not it sounds like your not coming down slow enough, try and work on controlling your handstand, put your shoulders in front and planche down until you can start straddling.
well...no, but I want to.

coming down slow isn't a problem for me, it just getting into the side
handstand and holding it from a cartwheel that's throwing me off.
Just an idea, what if you try to go slow into the side handstand. If you go in slow and control the cartwheel you might be able to hold the handstand. Make sure that you remember to kick straight over and not to the side. Also you might want to do a lot of them so they become more consistent.
If you still want to do it, can you change where in your routine you are doing it? My daughter used to straddle on to beam (mount) and then do a pressed handstland up from straddle split, to full handstand, and then straddle back down to split.
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