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Jun 24, 2021
Happy Holidays Mr GIF

What are your plans for the holidays?​

Family... Friends... Food... Festivities... Fun?​
We are actually having the family over to our house for the first time. Our 3 year house remodel is finally done enough to have people over!
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Family from overseas are in town, so seeing them at my in-laws house tomorrow and on Xmas, and then heading to see my family for the rest of the week while DS is home from college and DD is on winter break
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A lot of gymnastics training! Also hanging out with some of my school friends. And we have family friends who live abroad visiting for a few days, so I'm excited for that!
Usually, all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins on my dad's side get together for a few days. Exchange gifts, Christmas carols around the piano (sung by a family consisting entirely of Jews, agnosts, and atheists), and at some point all the male cousins get together for an evening of Mario Kart, Smash Bros, trash talk, and beer (which would have been particularly wild this year, as the four male cousins were going to stay in a separate house from the rest of the family).


My wife and I came down with a nasty bug (respiratory, but we're testing negative for covid) and decided to stay home to avoid exposing the rest of the family, so we're having a much smaller Hannukka celebration with her parents.

I'm currently 4 hours and 45 minutes away from surviving Whammageddon, which would be a first in a very long time. I also might be about to accomplish something even harder: the Mariah Carey Christmas Challenge.
We will be enjoying a three weeks summer holidays break from gymnastics. I know lots of people use summer for extra training, but perhaps because we live in the Southern hemisphere, and summer and Christmas coincide, our gym closes completely for 3 weeks. My gymnast will go stir crazy, but I am going to enjoy not having to drive!

Have been surviving Whammageddon for the past 12 years or so :) (admittedly due to not remembering the song and listening to classical music most of the time)
I was like...

What Are You Talking About Harrison Ford GIF by Star Wars

Three week gym closure here too, which is nice from a ‘give the body a rest’ point of view, although from experience she knows that the first week back is really uncomfortable, so that hangs over her a bit. The plans for the next few weeks involve eating, swimming, more eating, Netflix if it gets too hot, off to the beach if it doesn’t, reading, wine (for the adults) and possibly afternoon naps.

We got epically Whamageddoned yesterday. Travelling inland from Sydney to Brisbane we stopped in a country town for lunch, and the local council was actually playing Christmas songs over loud speakers all the way down the main street. We never had a chance.
Spending the holiday in my mom’s hospital room while the rest of the family celebrates together. There is no one I’d rather be with although I do wish we were somewhere else.
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Our (brother, sister, and I - we live together) original plan had been to go to our parents' house on Christmas Eve, but the weather had us postpone until Christmas Day. This was the first year since my sister sister was born (1980) that we didn't open presents on Christmas Eve.

It was so cold outside Thursday - Tuesday that we turned our furnace up to 63ºF on Friday night and turned it all the way up to 65ºF on Saturday. We had plans to do Christmas with OG and YG on the 26th, so that morning we raised the heat to 68ºF. An hour after they left, we turned the heat back down to 63ºF. If the outside temperature gets up into the mid-high 30s, we will return the heat to our regular 61ºF.

I couldn't wear my Crocs to Christmas, even with the extra time for the weather to get better / warm up. I had to wear my boots AND a jacket. I even put a sweatshirt on over my tank top and wore full length fleece joggers AND socks!!! This is really a big deal for me because I don't like sleeves or socks.