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May 21, 2008
I hope everyone has a great holiday! It is fun getting to know everyone.
Now for a few questions:

1. Do you have gymnastics over the holiday?
2. Did you buy your dd any gymnastics related gifts?

My Answers:

1. We have chistmas day and eve as well as new years day and eve off from the gym. The other days our classes switch to daytime hours since we are not in school.

2. We though about buying a practice beam. We decided against it for now. So just a few gymnastic clothes items from Justice.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season as well!!

1. For DD's team, they do have quite a few practices over the break. Their 1st competition is Sunday Jan 4th so they are trying to get the girls as prepared as possible.

2. Just bought her some gymnastics tees--no big ticket items this year.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
First, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday and New Year. It is a time to sit back and be thankful for what we have and the joys our children bring us---not matter what they do.

As to the questions;
1. Yup, lots of practice over the 2 weeks off from school. 3 practices this week that are 5 hours long(gym is closed 12/24-12/26). Next week they more or less have their regular practice schedule before New Year's(evening practices), but then a couple of 5 hour ones after New Years day. I found out they are having a camp for the compulsory girls from 12/29-12/31, so they couldn't do morning practices with the optionals.

2. Got her the purple replica leo(she LOVES purple), a Nastia poster and Nastia t-shirt. Guess you can tell who her fav gymnast is!!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Happy Holidays to everyone!!

1. Her gym is closed this whole week. Next week the compulsories have practice M and T 4p-8p and W Noon-4p. Then they are off again until Monday January 5th. First meet is at the end of January.

2. Well, she asked to go to our local university's gymnastics winter camp for Christmas. I explained to her that if she got to do that, she would just get what Santa brings her (in our house, Santa only brings one thing to each child). She said she doesn't mind. It is Dec 27-29 from 9-5 each day. They do about 5 1/2 hours of gymnastics, the rest is lunch and an hour of fun right after lunch.

I did get her a black sweatshirt to go with her black stretch pants that she can wear as a warm up outfit since it is cold. She is super excited and has a HUGE list of (probably unattainable) skills she wants to "get" while she is there. I think her eyes are bigger than her abilities right now, but I am sure she will have a blast because the actual gymnasts from this university are some of the coaches and they are supposed to have a 5:1 gymnast to coach ratio. She is a big fan of these girls, so I think just that is worth it for her.


Happy Holidays all.

1. Practice this week on Monday and Tuesday only. Then they are off until next Monday. Mad some parents a little made, but I think sometimes they come back so well rested and ready to work after a break. Next week practice on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then off until Saturday. Next meet Jan 10/11.

2. Couple of "gymnast" shorts, that's about it. She's gotten a low beam and mat before, but they just get used to build forts now. She also gets to go to IGC in the summer (this is 4th year), so any money she gets goes towards down payment. She has no problem with this, because she enjoys going so much. This year it's week 2 with Shawn Johnson, last year it was Nastia and Chellsie.


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Feb 26, 2007
A very, very happy holiday to all of you, and thanks for making this a great place to come and share.

1. Gym finished on the 19th Dec, will resume on the 7th Jan. Oldests meet is on 31st Jan, youngests is on Valentines day.

2. No, I didn't buy one gym related gift this year. They seem to already have so much.


Happy Holidays to everyone:D! I can't believe it is already that time again!

1. We have practice twice this week and three times next week. It actually works out well for me, because the practices are from 10:00 to 2:00, so on the days that I work, that takes up a good part of her day, so she is not bored hanging out at my work!

2. I tried to get her some gymnastics clothes at Justice, but I didn't like the colors that they had this time. I did get her regular Justice clothes though:)! Her gymnastics gift this year is two months worth of semi private lessons with the HC! DD was part of a small group of girls that were invited to do this, so I figured I better make it work out! She is excited about it, so I think it will be a good thing for her:)!
Nov 5, 2007
Happy Holidays

Dd has gym on New Years Eve(double day if she wants too)We usually don't do much for New Years.Even have a hard time staying up until midnight.

Got her a gribbag from Ebay.Has her name embroidered.I was surprised when I got it.It looks really great.She uses a smaller pillow case for her grips now.
Also got a pair of shorts.Seems to wear a lot of shorts and tanks right now.Must be the style.Coach doesn't care as long the shorts and tanks ar tide.Not flopping around.

Thought about a leo but got confused about color,style etc.
Since we have lots of meets come up she can pick one out then.
Aug 7, 2008
Happy Holidays everyone!
1. Do you have gymnastics over the holiday?
DD 1 had practice today and then she doesnt have gym again until Sat. Next week they go back to their normal practice schedule. DD 2 doesnt have gym at all this week since her class falls on Christmas day so she doesnt have class again for another week.
2. Did you buy your dd any gymnastics related gifts?
Yup a pair of gym short and we got her the Nastia beam which I know she will LOVE!


Proud Parent
Oct 26, 2007
School out here is off for two weeks. Practice is the same amount of hours its just on different days and during the day.

For gymnastics gifts I got DD a new leo and a pair on gymnastics sweats from JC Penny's.


Flippersmom: My dd is going to IGC week 9 with Nastia. This will be her 2nd year.

This is her 4th year of going, always 2nd week. She considered week 9 to see Nastia again, but went with week 2. She stood in line and had picture taken with Nastia and Chellsie. I don't think they could have gotten her out of that line for anything. Nastia gave all girls a signed GK poster of herself, and Chellsie and Nastia eached signed one item. DD was a end of line and said she could tell Nastia's hand was tired. DD said she seemed so nice and it was truly the highlight of her week. The line to buy pictures was HUGE at pick-up time. We ordered ours online. I'd say pick something special she'd liked signed. DD had Olympic Trials shirt, and had Nastia, Chellsie and a bunch of the men sign it. She's bringing it back this year to add Shawn to it!


Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
1. Here is our schedule over the winter break. Practice tonight as usual, off Wed and Thursday of coarse. Kids day out program on Friday from 8 to 5:30, open practice on Monday 5 to 7:30, Kids day out on Tuesday 8 to 5:30, overnight at the gym on 12/31 7pm to 8:30am, back to normal practice schedule on Jan 1 and Jan 2.

2. She received an ornament, and also a leo/shorts that was not really a present, just from GK's holiday line.



Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Happy Holidays!

We have practice Dec 26, 27, 29, 30, Jan 2 & 3rd - pretty much same # of hrs per week except 1 less day.

The only gymnastics gifts are new leos for both girls & matching shorts for Little Monkey.
I wish everyone here a great holiday!

Our son (19) is FINALLY home from school after a 4-DAY wait due to the weather and repeated airline cancelations. He being with us is our gift.

- Fairly regular gym schedule this week. Monday, Tuesday, Friday. 2 hours each.
- I made Nastia some parallettes, and I believe santa sprung for yet another (used) 10' fan-fold practice mat, and DW picked up the GK US Team leo (in pink) off Ebay. It's a fairly frugal year this year gift-wise. Some years Santa has gone crazy. This year, wifey took Santa's credit card away. Probably a wise move. :)
Jan 9, 2008
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Santa was very good to my daughter he brought her a folding incline mat, 3 new leotards and a gymnastics outfit for her American dolls amongest other toys.

We have long break off from gym until after the New years, I was surprised to see how many people have gym practice over the holidays. Our next meet is almost a month away and they were given conditioning exercises to do while on break. Of course my daughter would rather being playing around on her new mat than conditioning.:D
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