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My ds got sick right before one of his first level 5 meets. I knew it was strep. It was 4pm on a Friday....and somehow we got an appointment. Sure enough, it was strep. Our doc has a dd who is a gymnast, and she told him he could have meds, and not compete but get better, or a shot in the bum and most likely he would be fine in a couple of hours. He chose the shot, was truly running circles around the house 2 hours later, and competed the next day. Had absolutely no symptoms. We must have caught it really early. (oh..he placed 7th ;))

However, he does miss if he has any symptoms of illness...but I agree with the poster that said that sometimes it can't be avoided. Things just go around, and you learn to deal with it. BUt fever, vomiting, or active "stuff" coming out of the nose, and we stay home!
She has missed meet for being sick, injured, bad weather, car breaking down and more. It happens and there will be more meets thatn tis in her future.

It's better for her to recover than do the meet sick and not be able to be at her best. Also as another mom I don't want your kid sharing those germs with my kid or any of the others competing.

Keep everyone health keep her home. Kids bounce back quickly and she will get over it.
Last night I was in the office and a lady came into pay with her leotard sporting child (meaning the kid just did class) while paying her bill she proceeds to tell the office lady that "This one was home sick all day from school" and that she took her to the doc and she had a fever, strep and an ear infection. I wanted to scream! If your kid is too sick to go to school don't send them to gym! And strep are you kidding me? And this girl was a rec. gymnast to boot! Responsible parenting!
I would not be happy plus that poor kid I cannot imagine how much fun she actually had
My DD had been sick for most of the Week missed 3 days of school and 3 days of gym. Made it to school on Day 4 but could hardly practice. She was a L7 at the time. By the time the meet rolled around on (on Sunday) DD was feeling fine. But because she had missed a week of practice HC said no competing. I will admit, at the time i was mad. I couldnt understand why after I paid the money for the meet that she wasnt at least 'trying'.

Now, 4 years later I am grateful that her coach said no. I realize more now that her gymnastics career isn't about competing and getting medals. She could have gotten injured during that meet since she hadn't practiced for a week.

Like someone earlier said.. there are more meets.

Congrats to your DD on a great meet.
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