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Feb 26, 2021
So, I posted in here a few months ago about Alpha Factor shutting down and putting our gym in a real pickle regarding leotards. For our lower levels, we were able to gather enough old AF leotards in appropriate sizes to work for the year. Of course, they're old so by the end of the season the mesh on the leotards was tearing and wedgies were happening, but it worked.

However... for our upper level girls we went with Ozone. It was awful. First of all, our representative was terrible about communicating. She took forever to get back with us regarding design changes, which of course delayed the leotards. They told us since this was an "emergency" situation due to our regular company shutting down, that they could put a rush order on the leotards and get them to us by our second competition. Did that happen? Nope. We didn't get our leotards until half way through the season. Okay fine, we can deal with that. We had planned on reusing them the next season anyway... until they came THE WRONG COLOR. Our leotards are supposed to be purple and black. The proof showed a purple color. The leotards we got are maroon... or a deep "plum" as we liked to joke. Not to mention the crystals began falling off after one wear at a competition. Plus another team in our state also got their leotards late and in the wrong color. Needless to say, we're back to the drawing board and want to find another company.

We begin our competition season in September/October, so we're trying to find leotards fast. We found a stock leotard that will work for our Xcel Bronzes & Level 1s, but finding leos for our other girls is a challenge once again. We're a small gym so GK is way out of our price range. We got proofs from Garland last year that were also out of our price range. Quatro's minimum order for a single design is 10. We want to have different leotards for Xcel Silvers/Golds and our Level 6/7s. So that doesn't work for us number wise. (8 Silver/Golds & 5 Optionals)

We're looking at a design on SylviaP for our Silvers and Golds (the Allegra leo in their new collection with light embellishments comes to about $132 which is perfect for us) since some of their designs now have a studio to custom design the leotards in your colors. But we want something a little more glitzy that works with our colors for our Optionals. Especially since they had to go through the year in a leotard that was the wrong color and didn't match any of our other teamwear. But Champion Teamwear just emailed us and told us they bought out Alpha Factor's leotard collection, however they won't release the collection until fall which may be too late. Then we end up in the same situation as last year and have no leotards to begin the season with.

Basically, I'm looking for some opinions on what to do? Do we wait and see if SylviaP puts more of their designs in the designer (I just want to do it/see it myself after what happened with Ozone) or do we wait and see what Champion Teamwear has to offer before we make any decisions at all? OR is there another company that doesn't max past our $180 price range?


Oct 13, 2020
I would certainly recommend SylviaP. I don't know of companies other than GK or SylviaP (I note that you said the GK price range is too high for your gym), but my experience with SylviaP was a great one, beautiful leotards.


Club Owner / Manager
Dec 18, 2013
Milano from the UK is great, price range is much lower than GK, quality and fit is better than Sylvia P. We get them shipped to Australia. They do a 10% club discount from the price on their website ( minimum order 6 I think) plus will change colours on design for additional 10%. We ordered at the beginning of December and got them at the beginning of Feb. This was their ‘busy period’ especially with shut downs over Xmas and New Years. They have never been late with their shipments either. I would definitely check them out.
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Proud Parent
Feb 12, 2022
We have Milano leotards as well. Don't know anything about shipping or any of the details as the club handles that. What I can tell though is that they seem to be great quality and fit my daughter nicely. As for cost, also no idea, our club sticks with the same three designs (juniors/seniors/excel), so leos get passed on to the next girl once it is too small. The fact that we can actually do this is a sign that it is a well made leotard :)
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