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May 4, 2009
I think it would be neat to have a forum for gymnastics items for sale or trade. Could be similar to this one as far as rules dance.net - Posting Rules for this forum (6015661) - Read article: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tap, Irish, Disco, Twirling, Cheer: Photos, Chat, Games, Jobs, Events!
I mean there are a lot of out grown leo's in need of new homes, and e-bay isn't an option for everyone, plus there fees are so high! Also you could use it as a for sale or TRADE section, where people could also work out trades. Just an idea.



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Feb 26, 2007
It won't ever happen here as we have some wonderful paying advertisers. It would hardly be fair to let people get free advrtising whilst charging others for it.

Anyone who wants to sell stuff can always use ebay which is designed for the job, ebays fees are there so they can exist, just like us!!! THis site is far from free to maintain and without our sponsors we could not continue to exist.

If you would like to support our wonderful site please feel free to join the chalkbucket booster club, for just $5 you can hepl keep this place the great place it is!
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