He Kexin Sets Record on Bars!

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What an amazing routine! Now if there was a little less discrepancy about her age...
Mar 5, 2008
That was me that mentioned the dead hang. Someone said "Ur just jealous!" to which I replied "Just keep telling yourself that, dear."

Too b**chy?



Pretty good for a 13 year old.................

Oh My Lanta, she is 13!!! Dannnnngggg that is really good for a 13 year old! I loved that routine! Regardless of age, that was an amazing routine! I can only imagine how much hard work she put into getting to that level at her age! China always has had good gymnasts, and here is another!

Thanks for posting that video, I am glad I saw that!
Mar 14, 2007
There is no prove about her age being false even if there is a lot of discussion going on about it.......
I have seen this routine live, and even if there still might be some issues with it it was awesome!!!
Yes, that girls is small, and she looks young - but some others do so too. So maybe she is younger than her birth certificate indicates - maybe not.
LOL she still is quite about the same size as Ljudmilla Grebenkova though who is married and in her mid 20s.
Not open for further replies.