For Parents Heading to the warm weather, wish us luck

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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
I will be picking the kids up from school in a couple of hours and heading to Milwaukee as we fly out in the am for Florida. Bug is competing at the Sand Dollar bright and early Friday am. I think that I am just as excited for her as she is. It should be fun to see where she stacks up with other gyms throughout the county, not just WI. Good luck to all the other gymmies with meets this weekend.

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Have an awesome time at Sand Dollar! Our optional girls will be there. I hope everyone has a blast and that it is nice and sunny. I am sure Bug will do great! :D


Have a safe trip and the best of luck at the meet:)! We never do any out of state meets, how exciting/expensive! Didn't I see from a post that you are going to Disney World while you are there? That should be alot of fun! If we ever go anywhere that has something fun to do, we try to take advantage of it.

Enjoy the sun:)! We have been stuck in the fog for a month:(. We are lucky if we get a little sunshine for an hour or so every few days, but naturally it is while I am at the office:rolleyes:!
Lucky!!! I wish we were coming along!

My daughter had an opportunity to compete a meet in Arizona this coming March, but we had to decline due to finances.

I hope you all have a wonderful trip!!


Good luck! We will be there too, but due to our crazed schedule, we won't be able to meet up w/ any CB-ers! Boo-hoo!

On another note, it is COLD (by FL standards) here right now! I hope whoever comes to this meet brings some warm layers. This am, it was 46 degrees here in South FL. I KNOW THAT IS NOT THAT COLD FOR YOU NORTHERN FOLK! But Orlando can be 10 degrees colder than here in the Ft Lauderdale area, so be prepared! It could dip into the 30's overnight in most of FL tonight. I think it is supposed to be warmer by the weekend, which I hope is true for all those traveling here & hoping for some warm, sunny weather!

Hope everyone has an awesome meet! :)
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