For Parents Heel pain(severs apophysitis ) with increased training hours

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Proud Parent
May 12, 2015
My daughter dealt with this for years, didn’t stop till growth plates sealed. Tried everything. Best results for her were from the xbrace. They don’t last super long and we replaced them every few months. She did outgrow the pain but it was tough at times over the years
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pt coach

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2009
My daughter also had the best results with the xbrace. In fact, she is currently suffering from similar pain due to college track training and this thread reminded me of how useful the xbrace was for her in gymnastics. I dug through her old gym bag, found her old xbrace and will be overnighting it to her today to see if it helps. Thanks for the reminder!
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Proud Parent
Apr 21, 2020
My 9 year old has it and it comes and goes. She uses cheetah cups and does icing after practice and stretching and exercises to help. Sometimes we have to take a day or even few days off to manage, but now it seems she can tell if it’s coming on and get ahead of a flare.