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For the second time this year my daughter is having heel pain. The only thing new she did this week was ALOT of sole circles. But her toes were on the bar so I can 't see how that could cause it. We will see the doctor tomorrow if it is not any better. She has so many different aches and pains from gymnastics we can't run to the doctor every time. Any opinions??
In the Ten.O magazine you could buy these things called heel cups...could they help? ask her coach if she thinks heel cups could help. I have never had heel pains really...but my friend has and she uses heel cups. hope that helps.
Went through about 6 mos when gymmie was a L7 with heel pain. Started in the left, then both then the right only and finally went away. All related to growth and pounding. Basically its the Achilles that is being stretched as the leg grows and it objects. We did have her heels x-rayed to make sure no stress fracture, buts that really all the doc could offer us.

If it is pain related to growth, then resting some might help, ice and ibuprofen. Some girls feel better with their ankles taped. Things that make the pain worse are going barefoot and pointing toes----exactly what a gymnast does daily!! Doing ballet was absolute torture for my gymmie.

The only thing that gave her relief was soaking her feet in warm water(suggested by a coach who had a dd with the same thing). It eventually ran its course and went away.

Hope some of this info helps---never hurts to check with the doc especially since she'll be changing gyms.
SO having been there I can only recommend that she stretch her hells out, standing on a step and letting her heels drop below the step, slowly, let them stretch for at least 30 seconds. Ice and then ice some more. If after four days it still hurts you may have to see the doc. We see a sports injury therapist if things persist, better than a doc most times as she gets the sports side of life.

Oldest wears Tulis cheetahs if she gets heel pain and she did take Oscon for a month that got rid of the pain for the longest time. Good shoes that support and wearing them in the house too.

Oldests heel pain comes and goes, but she continues to stretch daily to keep it away.
I had a huge problem with heel pain last summer, and ended up being out for most of the summer. There are many different causes of heel pain, but most of them are due to not stretching enough. I had plantar fasciitis (sp?) and it was where the tendon on the bottrom of my foot (the one that goes from your heel to all of your toes), and it was so tight that it actualls so tight that it had partially ripped right at the base of my heel, which caused heel pain.
Another thing is a swollen growth plate. One of the girls on my team has that, but i think that it is actually due to the achilles tendon and the plantar fascia being too tight, and pulling it apart, making it appear swollen.
There is also seever's disease, which i'm not sure what that is, but it is also something some of my teammates have done.
Doin sole circles could explain it if the tendons are too tight, and flexing your foor when you do the sole circle would make it sore or rip if it was too tight.
I would suggest doing pike stretch and standing on the edge of something with your heels hanging off and pushing down.
Going to the doctor wouldn't be a bad idea, but i would wait a day or two to see if it gets better. Also, a podiatrist wouldn't be a bad idea.
Good luck!
My DD is currently going through this...it started last summer when she went through a major growth spurt. She was having incredible pain when she did any tumbling, pointing her toes, going up on point, or landing her jumping skils on beam. Orthopod went through all the tests and pronounced "Severs disease". Basically, her bones are growing faster than her muscles and tendons can stretch in that area, which causes the pain. Eventually the body catches up, but in the meantime you have to stretch and R.I.C.E. Wikipedia has this definition:

Sever’s disease is directly related to overuse of the bone and tendons in the heel. This can come from playing sports or anything that involves lots of heel movements. It can be associated with starting a new sport, or the start of a new season.[2] Too much weight bearing down on the heel can also cause it as can excessive traction since the bones and tendons are still developing.

Our orthopod prescribed several achilles heel stretches three times a day and heel cups for floor and vault. The stretches make a HUGE difference (although sometimes DD forgets and she can really tell that she did:mad:). The heel cups are called 'Tuli's Cheetah", and you can get them online or through pharmacies that sell medical products. I found DGS 9.9 to be the cheapest at 20 bucks per foot (they aren't sold in a pair). They really saved my daughter's season!:)
Thanks everyone, lots of great advice here! Now that I remember we had another girl in gym a couple of years ago with "severs" and she wore one of those heel pads. My daughter is 15 and hasn't actually had what you would call a growth spurt, she's kinda on the small side, but this past year her body really changed dramatically in other ways (if you know what I mean!) She ices it alot and I will suggest the stretches as well, but if it is still really painful tomorrow, we will see Dr.
Beth's had heel pain quite a bit--went to the doctor who said it's commonly from a bruised growth plate in the heel. Icing helps.
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