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Feb 3, 2009
My name is Laurie Gallus. I'm very happy to have found this place! I'm an adult gymnast that has encountered frustrating circumstances in my gymnastics career but I love the sport too much to just walk away from it. I get the feeling by reading your posts here a lot of you feel exactly the same way. I look forward to sharing with all of you.
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome to the Chalkbucket. As you might have noticed we have an Adult Gymnasitcs Forum, you certainly are not the only one who struggles with gym.

We all love gymnastics from many different angles.
Jan 17, 2008
Welcome to the Chalk Bucket! It is a great place to connect with people of all ages and abilities. My DD is a L8 Gymnast. I have found great friendships with other parents and also nice insight from other gymnasts and coaches!
Not open for further replies.