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Hello all,
My name is Emma and I am a 20 year old senior level gymnast from Australia. I have been doing gymnastics since I was 2 years old and love it sooo much. I am sure that my family and friends must get tired about hearing about gymnastics! I hope to chat with you all.

Take care,
Hello! I am glad you found the Chalkbucket! Do you compete?
Thanks! I certainly do compete. Unfortunately I missed out on this year's nationals, but am aiming for next years.
Welcome to the Chalk Bucket, Emma. You will find lots of friends here.
hey emma. Wish you the best of luck. thats cool. I can tell you are so dedicated that you have been in it since you were 2!!!

I'm in level 9, and next year i hope to be national. This is my 10th year in gym (i started when i was 4). My favourite skill is double twist off bars... whats your favourite skill?
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