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May 20, 2007
Nsw Aust
Hi to everyone or should I say GDay!!!! Just came across this group and thought I might join and see what it is all about. I live in Country NSW in Aust where my little boy soon to be 6 yrs has leaped into Gymnastics in a big way. He has yet to compete in a big competition but will be doing so at the end of June in which he can't wait. He started gymnastics Last April in Kindy Gym and only did that for a term and the coach put him into a rec class, from there he has started to learn his level 1 routines. I am still very new to all the gym language so if i say something wrong I apologise. Any how his coach calls him a freak and mentions several times that he wishes he is older/mature as his ability is amazing for a 5 year old.
Hiya. I am one of the few who isn't from the States either. I am in Holland. No experience in boys gymnastics yet, but that might come at some point.

I have been MIA on this site for a while, but it is a great place to be, so enjoy.

I'm not from the states either!
I'm chinese.
hey, i have two friends who do gym: one stayed in holland before and another's moving to austrailia end of this year :(
Welcome! This is a great board. We've only been in competitive gymnastics a year, so there's still a lot for my daughter and me to learn too.

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