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Hi, new to The Chalk Bucket, I live in Northern BC in Canada where we currently have 35 below and sideways snow:). I started out knowing nothing of gymnastics when I enrolled my girls in rec classes at ages 5 and 3. Now, my oldest is competing, and I find myself president of the club, level 1 coach, and level 1 judge. What we don't do for our kids!:rolleyes: Just interested in this site - interested in finding new information, etc.
Thanks All!
wow that's awesome you got so involved with gymnastics. I'm a gymnast from Ontario.
-35, that's freezing! Right now it's -14C here and it sucks. haha, but I guess we're lucky. The coldest we've had this year is -25ish.

Welcome to CB, I'm sure you will love it here.
Yikes!! That is cold! I'll stop complaining about 15F in New York.

Welcome to Chalkbucket! We have lots of Canadians here, so I'm sure you will feel right at home!
HI ther,

Nice to have another Canuck on board, I live in Quebec and have two girls, one P2 Novice and the othe is CR3 Avancee, which is like P1 but with added bonus skills on all events and trampoline too.

Sounds like your gym keeps you more than busy!!!
Welcome to CB:)! It's funny how some things grab you and pull you in (I don't mean that in a bad way:eek:)! I put my daughter in gymnastics when she was six to give her something fun to do and get rid of excess energy - - - Now she is ten and a level 5 going to gym 12 hrs a week:eek:! Who would have known! Well, it is great that you have gotten so involved!

35 below:eek:!!!! I guess I should stop complaining about the fog here, at least we still have temperatures ABOVE ZERO!
welcome - we're from ontario, which has it's own system, quite different from the rest of the country... we are a balmy -5C today...
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