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Aug 24, 2008
Royse City, Texas
Hello all. My name is Phil and I'm the Uncle and a contributing sponsor to my nine year old niece who is currently competing in the lower J.O. levels.

I'm a retired Electrical Engineer and split my time between a small business pursuit (Video Surveillance Sytems for Schools and Commercial Businesses) and spoiling my nieces.

She is currently working on her level 6 routines and is completely absorbed in the sport. I can't say enough good things about the affects of her coaches and teammates on her overall attitude and maturity. Gymnastics has given her healthy goals to focus on and good friends who share her goals.

I help to fill a male role model for my niece and I enjoy helping out with car pooling and other tasks whenever I can.


Hi Phil, welcome to CB! I have twin daughters Leah and Alexis who are 8 years old and a level 6. I also have a daughter who is 3, Hannah, and in pre-school classes.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Hi Phil and welcome!! Sounds like you're a great uncle and much needed support. I have a gymmie that just turned 12 and looks like(keeping fingers crossed) she'll compete L8 this year.
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