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Apr 4, 2009
Hey there!

I am a mother of an 11 year old level 4. She is moving up to level 5 in the summer. We are very proud of her, she started gymnastics only a year ago and is doing great. Our gym is hosting a meet soon, and I am in charge of making 35 pairs of flip flops! :eek: No idea what I got myself into.


Dec 21, 2008
Hi and welcome! You will find lots of parental support here-theyre all great! Sorry I can't help with the flip flops, good luck with those!!!


Welcome! I have a 13 year old daughter who just finished up her L6 season, did 2 meets of prep-op and is now taking a break from competitive team for a while.

We are in TX too. Just moved a couple of months ago.

Hope you like it here! There are many supportive people to bounce your ideas and questions off of.

Good luck w/ the flip-flops! Maybe you can get your 11-year-old and some of her friends, and do an assembly line to make them? If you bribed them w/ pizza or ice cream or something, that might help, lol!


Me too, texas that is. i coach
i love the skills and drills page!
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