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Nov 9, 2007
;)Hi everyone, it's my first visit tonight, and so far I love the site. I hope to get to know you all better through your posts. I am the Mom of a 12 yr old level 6 or 7, don't know yet, we don't start competing until December. My DD competed level 6 last year and did well, but didn't score out per our gym rules. She got one 35 and she actually needed two. So we will see what the new year brings. She has been doing gymnastics for 10 1/2 years and still loves it. My other dd does Rec level 2, and plays basketball and softball so we stay busy all year. Gymnastics may not be her thing, but I have to keep her training because she still tries everything her sister does, lol. Personally I will be so glad to get out of level 6, the scoring is so hard, and the meets last year all seemed to be on Sunday nights, which makes for some difficult planning, and long weekends when we have to travel.
Hello & welcome to the CB!
I am mom to a 6 yr old L4 who just started doing meets in Sept. Good luck to your DD in scoring out of L6. I'm sure your both probably looking forward to L7 & not hearing the same music over and over again 50 times, LOL! Funny, I would probably take a Sunday night over an 8am session anyday. My dd is competing this Sunday and thankfully did not have that earlier time...YUCK..I don't do mornings very well.

I am sure you will love it here, plenty of information & support. I've visited way too much today.
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