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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Hey, I'm going to have my gymnast give this link to all her gym friends. Maybe we can get something started. Here's some info about us. I have a gymnast, 14 years old, level 7. She's been doing gym about 4 years now, this will be her second season as level 7. She had a qualifying score to move up but chose to stay because of injuries and a rushed first season. Our first meet is January 15th in Santa Cruz.
Me, I'm just the gym mom. I drive her and her friend 112 miles round trip 4 times a week to the gym. I coach rec gymnasts 2 days a week to help pay her expenses (I do love it though). I have 3 preschool classes, 2 schoolage girl classes and 1 boys class. We are just starting to teach all the girls the level 1 routines for some skills meets that our gym will be holding in the spring.It's so much fun!
I love working with the kids and since I'm a coach :p , it gives me access to the floor where I can watch the optionals work out and ask Coach about anything I want to know. It's really been educational for me.
Any other parents out there who want to talk? :)
New Parents

My wife and I are new parents of a 7 month old girl, Maggie. We have both been involved in gymnastics all of our lives. Now we run a gym in Oceanside, CA. It is called Gyminny Kids Gymnastics. We have around 1000 students at any given time. We are a fully recreational gym. Our highest level kids would be around level 6, maybe 7 on some events. Since we were both competitive gymnasts we created Leotard Crazy to keep us more connected to the competitive side of gymnastics.
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I'll be fifteen in August. I have more flexibility than anything else and have been doing gym for almost ten years. I compete at the local YMCA. I'll be repeating level six after an unsuccessful year. I am a class-a gym rat. Although I can only go twice a week, I come to practice early and stay late. I also attend the weekly open gyms on Sundays and sign up for any of the special "holiday" open gyms. I do cheerleading twice a week plus games in the fall/winter on Fridays and Tuesdays for basketball season. In my spare time, I like going to the track and working on the machines and attending a pilates class. My friend(volleyball player) and I both run(she's better) , play tennis(strictly for fun), and may end up using our school's weight room in the summer mornings. That's all for now. ttyl
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