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Nov 18, 2007
Metro Detroit, Michigan
I haven't been on chalk bucket in ages! Tonight practice was actually cancelled :( Something about 100 degrees and whatever...so I bounced on the trampoline and did some of the level 7 tramp routines. The ankle is about 97% healed and I have been having a lot of fun tumbling and working on technique. I have even been vaulting and I finally moved my hands further back on the darn vault table...took a while to un-program the brain from the old horse. So now I actually don't feel like I'm going to crush my ribs on vault because my board is so close lol! I'm really struggling on my bars endurance...love doing skills but connecting them for a routines hasn't happened in almost a year. But I do have two new skills to report...in the pit without a mat: fly away fulls and fly away double backs. They are fun to do in the foam but my knees aren't too interested in landing either of them.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in Detroit for the jr. olympics next year (my home town...well almost, a suburb of). It's good to set a goal to work towards...I'm trying to recruit some of my old gymnast friends with the reminder of they have a year to get back in shape.
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