Hello - still terrified after all these years

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Jul 6, 2008
My daughter is a level 10 gymnast and while I thought i'd get used to all the stuff she does - I haven't. The harder her skills get, the more time I spend with my eyes closed. To tell you the honest truth, I've been present at every meet she has ever had, but I don't think I've had my eyes open for a full meet since she was a level 6.
Nov 5, 2007
I know how you feel.My daughter competed Level 8 last year and is practicing Level 9+10 skills and I have a hard time watching her beam.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
1st welcome to the CB. Its very nice to have moms with girls who have made it to the top!!! My gymmie is training L8 and I know I can hold my breath for an entire beam routine----ok, not that its so scary--just the falls off in a meet. Of course, now, I'm watching the bhs series and back tuck attempts-----yikes!

Happened to take today off and went to watch the end of practice. Regular coach was gone and they had a guy "subbing"(he's been there before). There goes my child doing her 1st ever bail(?sp) with no spot(yes plenty of mats). Jumped down thrilled with herself. I just gulped!!!! I'm beginning to know exactly where you're coming from:)


Hello and welcome. I'm glad to here that my dad isn't the only one who is still a bit scared (ok more than a bit)
Aug 27, 2006
Welcome !! I think the first time my dd split the beam I aged 10 yrs. I even hold my breath when she does backwalkovers on the low beam:D I cant imagine her doing scarier stuff
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