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FYI, I am the spouse of Kristilyn73. She knows quite a bit more about gymnastics than I but I am trying hard to learn, as the name implies. As my daughter gets more serious about the sport it is nice to have a place to communicate with other parents as we know this isn't a "practice once or twice a week" type of deal.

Anyway, I look forward to learning more so I can be a better, more supportive gym dad.
Feb 26, 2007
Hey there,

Hard to learn all about something that you have never done. Here is a link to one of my favourite sites. It has video of every compulsory skill and a few others too, it will help you talk to your DD about gym without using terms like, "you know that back bending flippy thing". (my hubby's famous description of a backhandspring).


The site also has tons of good tips for parents, gymnasts and coaches.

Welcome to the board, nice to have some Dads too, there are a few here, including this boards owner JBS. ALways good to hear differnet perspectives.:)

Good for you for getting involved in your DD"s "other" life.


Hi. My dad has always tried to learn as much as he can. He used to get "beam" and "bars" mixed up, but now he explains gymnastics to my friends when they come to my meets!
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