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Jun 11, 2008
Region 1

I just joined the other day. I have a five year old DD on pre-team and we accidentally found this forum while shopping for leos. I don't know much about gymnastics so I'm glad to have found this resource to educate myself with my DD's gymnastics obsession.

A little background: She has four brothers so when she was four, I felt she really needed something "girly" to do. I gave her a choice between ballet and gymnastics and she chose gymnastics. One class and she was hooked. Now I can't get her to stop. If anyone has DD's that do cartwheels down grocery isles, drop me a line! Here is my monkey child doing three press handstands: YouTube - 5 years old - 3 press handstands

Welcome to The Chalkbucket, you'll have fun hanging out here with a great user name like yours!
I was surfing youtube last night and watched this vieo..then I saw your post! Very impressive...Not sure my level 10 could do this.
She is cute. :) I love that little outfit and her hair, and the fight to finish that last one. Good luck to your dd and good luck to you.
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