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Oct 12, 2008
Hello everyone!

My name is Eric Lyon I've been involved in gymnastics for just over 8 years now. I competed in Alabama for 6 years and was on the state team several years in a row (not that big of an accomplishment in Alabama to be honest :p). I have been coaching just over 4 years and I love it! I now reside in Wichita, KS and I was able to continue coaching by being hired by a gym up here. Anyways, this is my first time even looking for a gymnastics forum, I really didn't think there were any decent sized ones out there. I hope I can contribute my limited knowledge to some of you and hopefully gain some in the process.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention... I coach developmental (5+), tumbling, and boys. I have coached girls team before but not currently.
Welcome to our world! This is a great place to learn and share different aspects of the sport. I coach a girls team in Illinois. Though I do not coach boys at all our program has a successful large boys team as well as the 90 girls:eek:
Hey Eric,

Welcome to the Chalkbucket. I am glad you found us, we have lots of great coaches on the board and it has become a great place for sharing ideas.

The parents and gymnasts will enjoy having you around too, it's great to have coaches to consult.
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