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Hello, I am a former gymnast who stopped going to the gym when mine closed (the owners left town and were never heard from again apparently). But now, at the age of 14, I hope to take lessons, regain some old skills, learn new ones, and eventually be able to compete.

If anyone can give me tips for overcoming fear in tumbling (even basic skills like back walkovers are a little scary for me), let me know. I know I sound a little bit hopeless now, but I am determined to compete as a child gymnast.
Nov 12, 2007
New England
Welcome to the Chalk Bucket! There's a lot of people here who should be able to help with that. :) There's a lot of experienced gymnasts and parents on here.
Sep 9, 2007
Hi, welcome to CB!

Start small tumbling, even just at a forward roll, and work your way up. It sounds like you've been out of gym for a while, so you can't expect to walk in and be able to do everything you used to. Take it one step at a time. Good luck!
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