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Hello, I'm Mia and I'm a level 5 at Gymnastics Plus. I've been in gymnastic for 3 years but didnt start competing until last year as a level 4. I used to go to this one gym where they wouldnt let anyone compete level 4, and they taught us level 5 skills, even though we werent ready to compete it, so we never EVER competed. SO, I changed gyms!!! :] (ahaha...i had to learn my routines over!!! :])
My favorite events, in order, are bars, floor, beam, and vault. I absolutely positively CANT WAIT until level 6!!!! I LOVE the floor music! Yeah, thats pretty much it! Oh yeah, and GYMNASTICS ROXX! :]


Welcome to CB. I started competing at level 4 as well but in my day that was very rare!! Anyway, I am the author of a new book coming out for gymnasts, parents, and coaches called Gymnastics in a Nutshell. It should be out this spring and will be a great tool as you and your family go through the levels in the upcoming years. If you'd like me to do a book signing at your gym, shoot me an email and let me know.


Welcome to the CB! I am glad that you are now at a gym where you feel more comfortable!
Apr 12, 2010
Hey I'm Level 5 too! (well sort of, I'm in USAIGC, but I'm in Bronze level, which has the same vault as Level 5 and everything, just the routines are optional). I just started gymnastics two years ago and I'm 5'4" and 15 years old and it's awesome!
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