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Feb 21, 2009
Region 6

I am a 27 year old gymnast from NH. I competed USAG level 8 from age 16 to age 20, then took a break, then came back to gymnastics at age 25. By age 26 I was back to competing level 8. When I was 27 I was battling posterior tibialis and also needed open abdominal surgery for a health problem, and that set me back. I also suffer from tendonitis in the lower legs, which might prevent me from competing again. I currently practice and work out about 15 hours a week in hopes of regaining all my skills and competing USAG next season, hopefully as a level 8, if not, a level 7. I am also a huge gymnastics fan as far as watching college and elite gymnastics.
Hello there and welcome to CB!! I was really sorry to hear about the heath problems you`ve had and have, but I really hope you are able to get back to competing level8 again. Best of luck and fingers crossed for that!!!
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