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I have been lurking and reading here a ton. Everyone's so supportive of each other, it's really nice to see. My daughter is a level 8 who was out the entire season due to a broken wrist (12 weeks in a cast). She's been cleared to slowly return to her normal level of training- try telling that to a gymnast!!

I'm glad to be registered and able to post.

Welcome to the Chalckbucket. Glad your DD is back in the gym and on the road to recovery, injuries are tough, but many of us have been there too.

Yes, the members on the board are great and we are very proud of the great place it has become.
Welcome, Bearsma! Glad you are now posting, we look forward to chatting w/ you! Happy to hear your gymmie is on the road to recovery. Here's wishing her (& you!) extra patience, as she gets back into her normal workouts. :)
Welcome to CB!!!! You'll find lots of support here. So glad your DD is on the mend & headed back to training. I'm sure it was the loooogest 12wks of her life. She must be so happy to back practicing:).
Thank you all for the supportive and kind words! DD broke her wrist last May and the actual fracture was missed by the doctor. She endured cortisone shots, loads of ibuprofen, and constant pain until an MRI was done in November. I have some (OK, a lot) of Mom guilt over not demanding an MRI/CT scan sooner.

I know she’s going to be OK and patience is really the key. Her coaches have been awesome. Thanks again for all of the well wishes. I’m looking forward to becoming a part of this community!
Hi I am new too! Glad your daughters wrist is better and I am sure she is anxious to get back at it! I worry about injuries but I guess it goes with the territory. It seems though that she only gets hurt at home just doing silly stuff! LOL!
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