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Jul 18, 2009
Southern California
Hi Chalkbucket.com!

My name is Dee Foster Theriault. In the gymnastics world, I'm known as Dee Dee Foster or Dee Foster. It's SO great that Challkbucket.com exists, and I'm excited to get to know the gymnasts, parents of gymnasts, coaches, judges and fans here.

A bit about me...I'll give you the Cliff's Notes!

I was a USA national team member and national champion. I was an NCAA national champion. I competed in club gymnastics in the 80s and at the University of Alabama in the 90s.

Just this week, I launched www.DearDeeDee.com -- the first-ever mentoring website just for gymnasts. Also this week, I launched the presale for the first book in a series I'm writing (alongside the website) called
THE Dear Dee Dee... BOOK SERIES. I'm a writer (although these are the first children's books I've written...FUN!), I've been a branding/marketing/PR professional for over 15 years and I own a professional consulting business (Perfect Ten Consulting, LLC). Dear Dee Dee... is a new division within that consulting business.

It feels SO GOOD go back to my roots...to have the sport that has been such a wonderful and fulfilling part of my life back IN my life! I can't compete anymore, but I'm happy to have created a way to continue to stay active and, most importantly, to be of-contribution to the sport that contributed to my life for 17 years.

I'm looking forward to meeting tons of new gymnastics folk!


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