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gymgirl0805's Mom

I introduced myself in the other forum but since I'll be posting here the most, I thought I'd say hi to all of you also..

I'm Mary. Mom to Chelsea, who is 11 and a L4 and Morgan who's 5.. she's a dolphin, which is the preschool team at her gym. It's 2 levels before Level 4 so she should be a 4 when she's 6-ish almost 7 maybe.

Hope to get to know you all better :D
welcome Mary:) I can't wait to hear all about Chelsea's meets and Morgan's progress.
I am Melissa. I have Emily (8) second year level 4 and Madison (5) on our gym's first level miniteam. She is probably the same place as your 5 year old. Our gym moves the girls into miniteam 1 then miniteam 2 then up to level 4.
Yeah, it does sound like our youngest are at about the same level... At our gym, it's Dolphins, Hoppers and then L4

Chelsea is also doing her 2nd year of L4. We're not doing 3 yrs.. If she doesn't get moved up to L5 (which I don't see why she wouldn't right now) then we're doing something else LOL
Hi I have a 5 yr old and 7 yr old who just started PReteam (we call them Firecrackers) .

my 5 yr old is the baby of the group! most of the girls are 7 or 8 .
our gym is VERY picky on when the kids move up and that is fine by me!!
Emily will be moved up to 5 next year:) She has all her skills and got her qualifying score to move up at her first meet, and I am sure your daughter will too.
Madi will probably be moved up to the 2nd miniteam in the spring when they move up most of the classes if she gets her back hip circle and pull over. Her bar skills are weak the rest is at minteam 2 level already.
Not open for further replies.