help! beam backwalkover trouble!

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OKay, in practice when we are on beam doing backwalkovers, i always stretch my back and shoulders before doing the skill. When i go for a backwalkover, my hips/back turn sideways as if i am doing a cartwheel! My coach says that my problem may be my shoulders too...I reach up before i go, but in some odd way i always turn sideways. Bizarre right?I almost hurt myself one time just doing a simple backwalkover. My coach says i need to stretch more, but is there something else that can help me? Any tips? thanks
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I had the same problem! I ended up hurting my back very badly and having to stay out of the gym for almost a month so take care of this problem as soon as possible. My coach tells me to first, get my arms as far back behind the ears as possible. Then head leans back first. She says your head should lead the way into the bwo to lessen the stress on the lower back. If you are doing that, then you should be able to see your hands meeting the beam. Also, make sure that the leg you start on is staying tight so you dont turn your hips out. That could be causing you to turn sideways. Hope this helps. I'm not sure if others agree but this is what my coach said and it seems to have helped get my bwo straight and controlled. Good luck!
Thank you for the advice, I will try your suggestions when i have practice on monday. I thought i was like the only one who does this...I have been having some back problems lately and I bought those heat patches called icy hot. I put it on the night before the next practice and it worked like a charm. It didnt heal it fully, but it took away most of the pain.
Don't go too fast, and watch your hands going right back. As soon as they touch the beam, thats when you start using your legs.

Think about what you're doing. On floor you might not need to, but on beam you do. Don't just throw!
ok, thank you for the advice,a s said early, i am going to try your suggestions when i go for practice on monday. Thanks again.
also make sure you let your good leg lift as you arch back leacing with the head and then kick and push with your bad leg once your hands touch. That will make you feel more controlled and also keep your hips square tot eh end of the beam. Also when you hands touch push tall through your shoulders and that will help you have time to lever our of it better! hope that helps!
Okay, thank you for all the advice. My backwalover at Mondays practiced improved a little bit. When I reached taller, i found that i didnt turn as much as before, but also i have to learn to slow down and not just throw the skill so quickly. But it is getting better, thanks again:)
You may be stretching up at the beginning, but make sure you continue to stretch as you bend backwards. It's really easy to stretch up then dump yourself as you start to go back.

Also, really focus on stretching up through the one shoulder that you tend to turn towards. Sometimes one shoulder will drop a little as you go back and make you turn sideways.
For a beam back walkover I would suggest doing a front walkover on a line and stop when the lead foot touches the line. Feel that balance position. Use a spotter to support you in that position to feel it. Then, on a line do a back walkover with a spotter but stop when your hands are on the floor. Feel and remember that position. Next, do back walkovers on a line remembering that position. Then, when you feel confident, go to low beam with a spotter and tell yourself, "the beam is NOT going to move. It's right behind me! Then do the same back walkover on the low beam with a spotter feeling the same position as you did while doing it on a line. Remember to NOT let your legs drag behind. You MUST kick as soon as the hands land. This is how I learned mine and it worked very well for me.
try doing some backwalkovers on a line before you do them on the beam. also make sure you lock your support leg and when you stretch up before you go backwards, focus on going back straight. you have to continue kicking over straight after your hands hit the beam. To avoid getting hurt, make sure you keep your arms straight once you kick over.
Make sure that you're kicking straight as you lean back. Often times athletes will turn or go crooked because they're kicking to the side. Envision lifting your knee straight up to your nose and then straight on top over the beam. Good luck!
Make sure that you're kicking straight as you lean back. Often times athletes will turn or go crooked because they're kicking to the side. Envision lifting your knee straight up to your nose and then straight on top over the beam. Good luck!

thats actually a really good way of putting it, thank you! It has been a little harder lately to do back has been very sore so i have been using heat packs and stuff, but thanks to all who gave me advice:) helps alot.
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