HELP!! BWO on beam

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We're starting to learn back walkovers on beam and I'm not scared to lean back and do them but as soon as my hands touch the beam, because they are so close together i loose balance and fall off(I have never been able to kick over and land them properly)

How do you learn to balance while your hands are so close together?
Tips and drills would be muchly appreciated. Also tell me how you learnt them and if you had the same problem.
Sep 19, 2008
If you have a panel mat the same height as a low beam I'd try it with hands on the mat, trying to land your feet correctly on the beam. You could take that idea further and draw a 'beam' extension in chalk on the mat to check your hand placement. If you try that remember to stay tight in your core, if you sag into an arch during the kickover part it invites all kinds of wobble trouble.


My dd has just started to make her BWO on the high beam. After weeks of practicing on the lower beams she moved to the higher beam with panel mats on either side. This gave her the feel of the low beam. Then, they started taking out the mats after a while. I don't know if she's comfortable yet without a mat but she's getting it more consistantly now. She told me that one important thing was to lift your leading leg before you start into the BWO. I'm sure you can find someone doing it correctly on you-tube! Good luck!


If you can't do them on the floor with thumbs touching, you have no business being on the beams. Make sure you practice that first and do it with good consistency before you go to a beam. Then I would use panel mats on the side, preferably ones that are about a centimeter or two BELOW the sides of the beam.
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