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Sep 19, 2007
My dd is training alot of giants, clear hips etc, and her hands are on fire after she is done! She does not have a rip, but the calluses are huge, and I am afraid she will have one soon. Any tips on how to deal with calluses would be helpful too! I am going to post this in the coaches area as well! Thanks in advance :)

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
We've been through that same hands are red and stinging phase. Seems to really hit around L6. I'll pass along a tip Bog put on here a long time ago. Have your dd use a pumice stone on her hands every night. I got mine in the habit and it does keep the callouses down----she just keeps it in the shower and uses it for maybe a minute on each hand at night. Doing it regularly has helped alot---hasn't eliminated rips, but certainly kept them to a minimum.

A vitamin E based lotion with a cotton sock over her hands at night will help soften the hands a little so they don't sting as much. Mine doesn't do that every night--just when the hands get rather raw.


Old Southern trick (this is how those proper little ladies keep their hands so smooth and soft into their nineties): Before bed, put vaseline or udder balm on your hands--really lather them up; slip them into soft cotton gloves (little white gloves, the old fashioned, "No More Little White Gloves" kind); and go to bed. Doing this daily will super moisturize your hands and keep them crazy soft. Though you'll still need to do the pumicing and shaving for the calluses and such, but believe me, this really works.
It also works for feet.


I was going to say what gym law mom said - pumice stone and moisturizer over night with socks on her hands. And not only does it work well - it is also one heck of a fashion statement as well :D

I hope her hands feel better soon.
Aug 25, 2008
I was going to mention something like what greyhoundrescue said, except for instead of using vaseline or udder balm I was going to say to use a hospital grade lanolin such as Lansinoh. I haven't used it for this particular situation, but I substitute it for anything I would use vaseline on: chapped and cracked lips, chapped baby bottoms, and sore, cracked nipples (from nursing, this is actually what Lansinoh is advertised to be used on). It is super thick and I would have to warm it between my fingers just to get it soft enough to work with. I can't say enough about how well it works!!
Sep 19, 2007
Thank you for all of the great tips! We are going to go and buy some of the products you mentioned and give it a try!


In or after the shower, you can scrape off the white skin on your callouses with a thumbnail. That is the dead excess skin that builds up and needs to be taken off. You can also use a butter knife. I've heard some extreme uses like a dremel but some crossfitters are insane, I think.
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