HELP!!! Front handspring front tuck

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Jun 13, 2010
okay so i have to do front handspring front tuck and i just cant bring myself to do it,, when im notgoing for the front tuck i set really high but as soon as i decide to do it i dont set and dont throw the front tuck. I can do them on tumble trak no problem at all. I think i feel like i nedd to jump off the florr to do the front tuck and a set is just hitting the floor and going up (if that make sense haha) is this something i just need to throw the front tuck,, or can someone please help ?
front handspring front tuck

oh my god I do the exact same thing! When I set I go really high, but when i actually go for it I bend my legs and kill the bounce. It's so frustrating! I always feel like I'm chickening out. I train again in two days and I think I'm just gonna chuck it. Do you feel like there's not enough time to focus on the rebound/punch before the front tuck? It's like I'm thinking about the pop and all of a sudden I'm in the air. Mostly the thing I focus on is keeping my legs super straight for the rebound and trying not to kill my bounce. What level are you? I'm level 5 but I'm 18... I'm kinda old for gymnastics :)
When you come out of your fronthandspring you need to keep your head back and throw your shoulders; bring your arms up and over. When they come up, you should go up, and as they come over your shoulders should round and you should tuck. this happens really quickly but if you do it right it's really easy to flip. Hope this helps!
Thanks!! Keeping my head back really helped my set. I did actually do the front tuck tonight, but bent my knees a bit. I was being spotted and it was fine, but it's frustrating. I'm already thinking about the tuck as I'm rebounding and I just end up buckling and going forward, but I'm trying to change that. No, I WILL change that :) Thanks again for the advice, it definitely works!
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