HELP !!! front handspring front tuck

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Jun 13, 2010
okay so i have to do front handspring front tuck and i just cant bring myself to do it,, when im notgoing for the front tuck i set really high but as soon as i decide to do it i dont set and dont throw the front tuck. I can do them on tumble trak no problem at all. I think i feel like i nedd to jump off the florr to do the front tuck and a set is just hitting the floor and going up (if that make sense haha) is this something i just need to throw the front tuck,, or can someone please help ?
I compete this and to learn it if you are scared im sorry but you just have to do it try placing a mat under where you are going to land thats how i learnt.
Also you need to look up after the handspring so it is a high summi
Good Luck
Have your coach spot you (my friend does). you could also put a mat under where your landing.
Look at your hands throughout the whole handspring. A lot of people instinctively pull their head through to see where they are going, but this pretty much kills the height. Also, keep your arms by your ears! :)
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