Help, Girls only PLEASE!!!!

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I have recently bought a gk bra, they are very good i just reccomend getting the same size that you would order your leo as because the fit will be coresponding. Another good place to buy bras is target.
i dont have any gk bras but i do have limited too bras and they work really well i like them a lot they are nice
I've never tried GK, but I looove Champion. I have five Champion bras and rarely wear anything else.
I actually love the ones I have from Danskin and Aeropostle, but I have not tried the GK ones yet
i wear justice or limited too ones. i also like targets ones. all of those r good. btw its sorta weird ansering this question. lol but it isnt a bad question either. i just hoped i helped.
i have GK ones and they rock. my mom bought me one from victorias secret and it is really good but it was expensive. anything that isnt padded and fits works just fine, you need not fret about getting the right one!:)
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