Help i need some advice for beam!!!!!!!

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Apr 10, 2009
Okay to everyone who is reading this. I am a level 7 at Buckeye GYmnastics and hate a skill on beam. Its the back walkover back handspring. So i got it then lost and got it again but like a week ago i split the beam really hard i completely missed my hands hit my face my back and shoulder and is scared to do it and i will only do it on the pit beam!!! i mean its perfect in all but i need help on how to warm up once or twice and then throw it on the high beam!!!! So how can you guys help me on that??????? Another thing is i need help on not hating beam so much and not to get nervous for it all of the time and not to get nervous for practice just for one little skill because i think to much on having to do it??????? I mean because i cry like everyday i have series because i get so frustrated with myself and i dont want gymnastics to be like this/that anymore and i love this sport to death and i would hate to see me quit which im not gonna do for a little skill i am gonna get over!!!!!!!! So if you read this please please give me great tips on how to releive this stress and nervousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:confused::beam:
I think that it might help with your fear issue if you really worked your way up SLOWLY! Once you can do that more consistantly, it will be much easier to just warm it up then go to the high beam. As for hating beam, I REALLY hate beam as well, but I just try to work thru it even though I struggle.
Exact same thing has happened to me ! What I did was I practiced it on the floor beam with a mat over it , then once i got more comfortable I took away the mat and put 2 boxes on each side of the beam. Than once I got more comfortable I took away one box and the next time I moved the boxes like 30 cm away from the beam. Than once I could get right up and do it without any boxes on there I would move it up to high beam and stack mats up to the height of the beam underneath it and hasve my coach stand ther. Than one by one I would take away a mat ! Hope this helps!
Beam hate

My DD who is 10 summed it up for herself "I dont think the beam likes me....but I am pretty good at it". Beam has to be the event that Ive seen more fear through the years and the backwalkover/backhandspring is the one that Ive seen more tears then all the others combined.
A couple tricks on high beam to ease yourself back into the series if your coach approves is to drape a big old mat (4") over the beam and let it drape to the floor. the extra padding makes for a more forgiving surface and takes away some of the open space under the beam that is in your vision when want to go. Another trick that has seemed to help is count down in your head "1...2...3...Go!" If you practice this repeatedly on the floor every time you throw the series and then take it with you to the beam in time the words drive your actions. You say it in your mind and the body obeys! Lastly when you get ready for bare beam try using a big resi-mat under the beam. It cuts down on the space between you and the floor and takes a lot of the scary out til you are ready for the full deaL
Just some thoughts on what we have seen or used over the years. Your coach will know best though. Good luck and dont let it beat you! You sound strong and ready to get it!:)
Thanks to everyone who replied!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually yesterday I had a meeting with one of my coaches and she helped me talk through it! Then when i got on beam my other coach told me to do them on the pit beam!!!! So i got up there and I did them! And it didnt take long for me to do it and usually it does and my coach has to yell at me usually and she didnt have too!! But i didnt use any mats or anything but what counted is that i threw them!! And when i was doing tops i didnt know i had to do thwm and even though it was like ten minutes past my coach noticed i was missing something and i had to do them and like i said even though it was like 15 min. past by i threw it with out wARming up again!! I would lke to thank lakshmi369 because i just looked at these posts and know i am gonnA use tht 1...2...3... trick and if it works i will tell yyou!!!!!!!!!! But really thxs so much to everyone because you took the time to help me out!!!!!!!!!1

REALLY APP. IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)>:cool:
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