Coaches Help me ! Learn trouble balancing act

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Hi i have a question, how can I Learn balancing act very quickly without pain? if I made a vast vault and then they try to expand but then pulls it usually always at the top of the thigh and then I for 2 weeks always a distortion. I might do something wrong? you have tips for me as well, I can stretch and splits can Learn?

I always look at the many gymnast a sixpack, as they are connected to a sixpack to get? there are exercises spezzielle
were cool if you give me a few exercises and ideas / suggestions you could say
I'm sorry, I know you are from Germany but I cannot understand what question you are asking. If possible please try to explain more clearly.
I would like to learn sat down spagat. I in addition into the straddle and try to expand the spagat out of the straddle further, but then I get pull always such an in the thigh, have I usually a strain. Can they say more quickly learn can would get certain practices therewith I the spagat, and without that I always a strain to me?
How can I learn correctly spagat?

I hope now better can understand you the text

sorry my english is bad
I am still not sure of your questions, but it seems like there are a few thing I can pick up...

Spagat: Do you mean a press-handstand?

To do a seated press-handstand it's important to have good straddle flexibility. Really stretch your middle splits and pancake stretches before working presses.

Another thing you can do is about a million presses from a stand, this builds muscles in the area of your thigh that gets strained. Doing a lot of easy repetitions, with no chance of injury, is your best bet for rebuilding the tendons and muscles in your legs. I would take about two weeks off from seated presses and just work a lot of standing presses to rebuild your legs. Then slowly work back into seated ones, and always do several standing ones.

As for a six-pack, just work on core strength.

V-sits: Lay on your back, hands above your head, bend at your waist, keeping your arms up and your legs straight, reach for your ankles until your body looks like a V, go down and repeat.

Back arches: Lay on your stomach with your arms up by your head, arch your back so that your legs, shoulders, head, and arms are off the floor, hold for 2 seconds. Repeat, repeat, repeat...

There are many other conditioning exercises for your core, I'm sure there are some listed on other threads on this forum, or on the internet.

I hope I have answered your question. Good Luck!
yeah i mean a split, in german we say spagat
I did not know the English word for
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