WAG Help me with my kip! (video)

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Apr 28, 2017
I am applying to study sports science in university and one of many skills they often test the applicants on in the entrance exam is a kip. I have never even touched a proper set of bars and my skills are limited to a pullover and (very ugly) front and back hip circle that I have learned on playground bars years ago.

Yesterday was my first time trying a kip and with little help from youtube I was able to make 4. However they are neither pretty nor consistent (not that I expected that, even making a few was a surprise).

What do I do wrong? I don’t think I’m shifting and that’s why I bend my arms. Also I’m doing a running kip since that is way easier and acceptable in the exam.



Nov 16, 2012
That's amazing! Now you just need a little bit of practice to clean it up. You can look up kip drills on Youtube, there are hundreds of them. Most of them focus on strengthening the upper body. You can skip the drills for the glide and only do the ones for the pull up part. This is my favorite drill for the pull:

You can set the bar low and put a bench or block in front of the bar for the feet. This drill helps you to learn to sift the wrists and aggressively press your shoulders over the bar with straight arms.

Good luck for the exam!

PS: I noticed that you used the term "kippi" on the title of your video. I suppose you are Finnish? Me too :) Nice to have other Finns around here. Welcome to the community!
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