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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
Ok, so i was just diagnosed with incontinence a few months ago and i'm finding it really annoying to deal with and i was wondering if anyone else had it because supposedly they do, but i don't know. I haven't met anyone with it yet. i don't know what i'm going to do about competition season cuz i usually just wear a pad but thats not gonna work. I need some help so if anybody had any ideas, i'm open to suggestions!!
Thanks for answering. I'm trying kegel exercises and my doctor perscribed sudafed which didn't work. Currently there aren't any other medications availiable to treat it. But thanks for answering. I appreciate it. :)
Thanks for answering. I'm trying kegel exercises and my doctor perscribed sudafed which didn't work. Currently there aren't any other medications availiable to treat it. But thanks for answering. I appreciate it. :)

You are welcome and good luck. Maybe someone else will have better advice.
Is it stress incontinence, as in, if you jump or hop it triggers it? Or just all of the time? B/C maybe only surgery will help if it is all the time. So sorry, how completely annoying! :(
That is too bad. I'm no specialist, but I do have a nursing background. The only thing left I could suggest is for you to see a specialist, if you haven't already. I think there are some that specialize in the lady-type/urology field (not OB-Gyn but one that specifically treats your type of diagnosis in women). Not sure what that would be called, though. Someone mentioned something about this to me recently, and they acted like it was an new kind of specialty, but I can't remember what they called it! I'll try to find out.

Best wishes to you and hang in there! :eek:
I saw a pediatric urologist at Mayo, but they pretty much told me there was nothing wrong with me, but if you could get what that is called for me, that would be great!!:)
I will work on it. And don't give up, you should not have to be suffering like this at your young age!
If it helps, My niece (who is 13) had problems with incontinence for about 2 years. (Mostly nocturnal) It's something you typically outgrow, and most times it's a temporary thing. It has many causes, with stress and hyperactivity being the leaders.

Glad to see you had yourself checked out. Step one complete. (high five).

Step two: Monitor what fluids you drink, and try to cut back on ones that contain high fructose corn syrup. Such as Soda! (soda = evil) There is nothing good about these beverages. Drinking natural juices and water is far better for you, and your sport anyway.

Step 3: There are bladder exercises you can do. When you feel you have to go, try holding as long as you can, but not enough to cause discomfort. This builds up your bladder muscles.

Step 4: Avoid pads as much as you feel comfortable, with the exception of bedtime. They become a crutch.

Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me anytime. I know quite a bit about the topic from a parents perspective, so don't be shy. We're here to help.

Thanks. I'll try the monitoring fluids thing. My mom thinks it is coming form dehydration because i've never drank much, like only around 16 oz. per day on average, and i've done some research on the internet and found at least one place supporting my mom's theory. I also have exercise induced asthma and there are some sources saying that can be caused by dehydration also. So i'm working on drinking more, and i'm up to around 50 oz. per day now, but it's not getting any better that i have noticed. My mom said she would take me back to Mayo if i tried drinking more and it doesn't help, so it looks like i'll be going back to Mayo. :(
Hey, just some advice. But don't try doing a ton of research on the internet about it, especially if you are upset about it. Leave that to your parents and doctors and just follow their advice.

I had "something wrong with me" not too long ago, and when I tried to research it online, I started clicking all the links and soon I had convinced myself that everything that could possibly be wrong with me was wrong. And that made me very stressed and scared and upset. Sure, you might have a lot of symptoms that look like something, but only the doctors really know for sure. And you could read about 100 different solutions and then get frustrated when they don't work, when the doctor would have been able to tell you something that does work on the first try. So yeah, careful with looking up health stuff online......
my older dd had problems from coming out of nappies to about 8. She was monitored and under consultant care at the hospital. Her problem was a combination of not drinking enough and not going to the loo enough (daydreamer couldn't be bothered).This led to recurrent infections. She had to follow a plan where she drank a drink at set times of the day and also had to go to the toilet at set times. Your mum could be right. Worth asking about. Although you sound like you have stress incon. which is what mums get after having babies. I cant do straddle jumps either and trampoline! no way! Hang in there - you are too young to suffer this and it can be sorted if you persevere.
I only have 2 kids but my friend has 7! How is that for a big family!
So my mom talked to the mom of the girl that we carpool with, and she told her about my incontinence and her dehydration theory, and that mom has a background in nursing, and she said that it could be because hydration has a lot to do with everything, so i'm thinking thats what it is. I'm wondering how much your gymnasts drink to see how far off i am and how much i should be drinking, so if any of you guys (or girls) have any ideas, i'm open to listen. :)
I'm sorry to hear about your problem, but I'm glad you were courageous enough to share. Although I'm not a medical prof., I'm an ex-gymnast, coach, science student and really interested in health!
Your hydration status is very important, for your overall health and esp. your urinary tract health.

If someone does not drink enough water, the kidneys will re-absorb more fluid into the blood, and as a result, less fluid will be lost as urine. If less fluid is lost as urine, that urine is going to have the same amount of wastes in a more concentrated form. More concentrated urine is darker - and a sign of dehydration. Since the bladder is like a balloon, it stetches as it fills with urine. At the base of the bladder (where the knot in a balloon is) there is a special muscle called a sphincter. When there is enough pressure on it, it sends a signal to your brain telling you to go to the bathroom! If you do not drink enough water, your bladder will not fill as quickly, but will contain more concentrated urine that sits there longer (and is more likely to be a breeding ground for bacteria). As a result, I am GUESSING that the sphincter muscle may become unconditioned to pressure. When you do gymnastics, or other activities that create pressure changes in your lower abdomen, your sphincter muscle gives out and you leak a little.

So you need conditioning for this muscle!

Try keeping a diary of how much and what you drink for a few days. Then see what you SHOULD be drinking. I find that water hydrates me the best, and I carry a water bottle everywhere. It's easy to find H20 fountains to refill at that will save you $$ (and the planet). If you bottle smells "old" or you have been sick, recycle and buy another. Alternatively, you can buy an aluminum re-usable bottle (but don't buy plastic #7 or BPA bottles).

Make a note if you drink caffeinated beverages (Coffee, tea, coke, pepsi, mountain dew and even sunkist), because they suppress the release of a hormone - ADH- in the brain that results in less water being re-absobed by the kidneys; and more going to the urine, which can cause dehydration. Caffeinated drinks are OK in moderation, but you should drink MORE water to compensate for the extra that is lost to increased urine production.

If you are suffering from urinary or bladder problems, it might be good to get checked out by a urologist or OB-Gyn, with expertise in this area. Many women and girls suffer from urinary incontinence, frequent urination and urinary tract infections. Some people are prone to these problems, but it doesn't mean you have to suffer! A good doctor can take a history of your symptoms and do a physical exam and/or tests to make sure there are no structural problems that may contribute.

Although there may be medicines that can help (Detrol, Cymbalta/duloxetine, even Phenylpropanalomine is used in puppes!), I personally think it would be best to try lifestyle changes like drinking more water and KEGEL exercises first, before meds. Cranberry Juice and cranberry supplements are also excellent for UTI health.

Good Luck and keep us posted!
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