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I think you have to know what "elite" means at your gym. Do they truly mean fast-tracking her towards an elite career in gymnastics? Does your gym have a history of doing that? Do they produce elites or collegiate gymnasts? Or is this a word that they are putting on a group that's intended to dazzle parents and gymnasts alike but really just means more money/hours with no true track or plan? That word gets thrown around.

I don't think anyone here can really answer your question unless you know for sure what the gym means by elite.
I guess we don't know a lot of info but if the coaching and environment is good and your child is in love with the sport and wanting more then I guess there is no real issue with joining the 'elite' group - it's just a name after all for something different (as Flyaway said it is possibly used to suck parents in). Just see it as a short term thing, your child loves gymnastics and wants to do more, so for the time being you can take the option - but be ready to step in and alter the path if the joy/spark starts to disappear.
Not a lot of hours for that age if this is what she wants. My 9 yr old goes 30 hours a week and her days off is still jumping all day. L8
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