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Dec 4, 2008
So I got signed up on this site and so far in April I have had
8 casting calls ! I dont know what one to go for though so I will list them and could you guys tell me maybee what one you think would be best for me ?

Modeling In Ontario :
Carolyn's Model & Talent Agency has been in business for over 20 years, with over 50 years industry experience, we are members of the Better Business Bureau.
We are always looking for people that have flexible schedules ,with a great personality and look, for TV Commercials, Feature Films, and Print Ads.
Please apply now for more information
Location: Ontario, Canada
Payment details: Hourly pay

Calling all boys and girls ages 9-15 in Ontario! YTV is looking for kids to star in on-air promotions that are: 05-12 in length.
-Do you have a special talent such as break dancing, beat boxing, singing, magic tricks, running man, face yoga, comedy, etc.?
-Do you collect anything such as rocks, stamps, sunglasses, nail polish, bottle caps, records, etc.?
- Do you have any hobbies such as origami, trampoline club, DJ-ing, etc?
- Are you into any sports, such as snowboarding, ballet, skating, horse riding, etc?
- Or have you INVENTED a hobby, sport, handshake, etc. of your own?
Location: Ontario, Canada

House Of XI House Parties ( movie ) :
House of XI House Parties the movie - casting now.
Animated and expressive! Luxury, and laughter, with a child like sense of humor. XITV is filming one feature movie trailer for 'House of XI's House Parties! - The Movie.'
XITV international television network ITN - Casting permanent cast members for upcoming XITV shows.
Girls ages 11 through 20's. Flirty and Funny! International Looks. XITV is filming and taping a few small productions this season, which includes hilarious network commercials.
Show off your natural persona and personal flair!
Please apply now to take part or for more information.
Location: Colorado, United States
Payment details: Some Expenses, and Pay, Varies w/ Roles.

Stone Age Warrior ( movie ) :
CSAW Production now airing two TV shows.
Gallijess TV Producer seeks people of all ages be part of his kids TV show .
CALLABAR Stone Age Warrior for kids. Presenters to present the show and cast needed. It airs every Tuesday 4pm on channel 31 as first Australian super hero. rated Pg. Experience not needed, live audience during filming of episodes.
XIMOUS - For mature audiences over 18 requires Presenters and models for Ximos Live and raw TV show airs every Saturday 10:30pm M/A on channel 31.
Please apply now to take part or for more information.
Location: Worldwide

ICON Modeling Agency :
ICON MODELS is a full service agency representing Men, Women, and Children. Currently seeking new faces to represent, local and international opportunities available. Open calls Wed. 2pm-5pm.
Please apply now to take part or for more information.
Payment details: TBA

those are the 5 suitable for the conditions of my not flying down to like really far away places ! everybodys opinion would appreciated . sorry for the long forum .
Apr 10, 2009
I would say either "Icon Modeling Agency" or "Modeling in Ontario". But I have a question for you...
Why are you asking us this and how are we suppose to know which one would be good for you if you didn't even tell us your personality????????????????????????/
I picked those two because I like modeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Modeling and movies are usually a better deal than TV. You have a more flexible schedule doing photoshoots and small parts in film rather than being stuck on one TV show. It depends on what you want though. I wouldn't go for a TV show unless I was willing to get stuck with it for a long time.
Hello! I love acting and modeling, and I am currently signed with an agency and have been in a few commercials. I would suggest you get an agency first, before doing castings. Some of these do work, but with an agency you are a step ahead and get special castings that casting directors pay more attention too. Not sure if you have a headshot, or resume put together, but that'd be a good idea, and be VERY careful and watch out for scams. If anyone ever asks for money, leave. The only time I have ever paid is when I got proffesional headshots, and my agent reccomended him and we looked him up and everything. If you need any help just ask :] Good luck!
Dec 4, 2008
Thank you so much EVERYBODY for your replies. I have now picked only 2 of the ones I want to do. We are flying out to ontario so shoot a commercial just to see if I like it, and we have contacted ICON !
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