HELP PLEASE!!!!walkovers

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Jul 31, 2009
help i know how to do a front walkover but i cant do it evry time i try to do it i fall on my back! i can do a handstand but i dont have strong abs. are there any ecsersizes i can try. i and currently going into my 5th year as a gymnast but i think i am going into level 4.

sorry 4 spelling mistakes!!
im not sure how much abs help you...try to put the first leg down closer to your head. this gives you a smaller bridge making it easier. also push your shoulders away from you (i think???) and hips forward. as you come up look behind you. hope this helps!:p
The main thing my coach tells us is LOOK AT YOUR HANDS! Follow your hands with your eyes the whole time and keep your arms by your ears. think of almost "rolling" up. Start with your hips and move up! Your head/arms should be the LAST part of your body to finish the skill and finish rolling up. Good luck and keep trying...i know you will get it!
Work loads of front limbers on the floor, which will make you push out your shoulders...

You could also try doing tick-tock, where you kick out from bridge but don't take your hands of the floor, kicking into bridge with the same foot. And keep going back and forwards like that to push your shoulders out.

It's really just pushing your hips forward and stretching through your shoulders...
Front limbers are a handstand where you fall into a bridge then stand up, once you get better at them, you try to stand up faster and faster until it is one fluid movement. I probably competely ruined that definition, sorry:p, so if any coaches would like to step in...
thx sooo much! one prob tho. evn when i do that i fall on my back. i get so frustrated somtimes!:mad: are there any exsersizes i could try to strengthen my back/shoulders? possebley some that dont require dumbell or eqipment?
i am currently going into level burgendy or red i have not look at my badges/info in a whial so i have no clue!!!!:confused:

ps sorry 4 spelling mistakes!!!!!!

What you should do is just practice by doing a bridge and then getting up from the bridge try to do that 5 times in a row and then try doing a front walkover make sure u place ur feet closer to your head which makes it easier for u 2 stand up.Hopes this helpes to out and hope u acommplish ur front walkover.:)
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